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Thumbs up Vanguard Princess [MF]

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Vanguard Princess is a 2d fighter that is rumored to be developed by an ex-Capcom employee, Sugeno Tomoaki, using Enterbrain痴 2d Fighter Maker engine. There are 10 playable characters, with unique movesets and combos, some pretty cool designs, and local multi-player (no online). The combat seems to harken to the styles of Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Melty Blood. It looks incredibly well polished. -by Radiant



* T = Jump
* B = Crouch
* F = Move Left
* H = Move Right
* A = Button A (short-range attack)
* S = Button B (mid-range attack)
* D = Button C (long-range attack)
* Q = Button D (support character)
* W = Button E (not used?)
* E = Button F (not used?)

Sugeno Tomoaki
Language: Japanese

Download Pass:

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Download Mirror Pass:
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